Queer Art
Brunch Club


The Queer Art Brunch Club is an initiative started by three European artists. Gianluca Floris from Italy, Severus Heyn from Germany and Ivan Natas from the Netherlands came into contact on Instagram via their art, which shared similar themes exploring LGBTQI+ expression. 

Their queer experiences and struggles growing up fostered a close connection between the artists and they often discussed how LGBTQI+ art and artists inspired them both personally and professionally. Noting the power of this connection and the wider community, the idea of Q-ABC was born: a non-profit, queer artist network for the creative minds of the LGBTQI+ community. 

We first became aware of the Q-ABC through the artists. We were already fans of their work, so when we learned of their idea to create a network of artists for the LGBTQI+ community we knew we had to get involved. 

As the Q-ABC is a non-profit, Hype became an official media partner.
We were tasked with designing the website, and wanted to create a sleek, minimal, digital space that could be used to tell the Q-ABC story, promote events, and showcase the work of the incredible artists.
Incorporating stunning visuals in a bold yet minimalist design, we delivered a website that lets the beautiful art speak for itself. Be sure to check out the Q-ABC site to learn more about the project, upcoming events, and how you can support.  


“When we recently launched our non-profit organisation called Queer Art Brunch Club (Q-ABC) we received a very warm welcome and a lot of help. We Are Hype were so awesome and offered their expertise and workforce as an official sponsor of the Q-ABC. This gave us the possibility, going forward, to reach a much bigger audience and to make a safe digital space to promote the visibility of queer artists.

Not only were we touched by the generous offer, we also were impressed with the immense scope of help we received. We Are Hype really took their time to understand our mission and the specific needs of artists. The website design is all we could have ever wished for and more, highlighting our work in a slick and intuitive style, and giving the organisation a professional, yet approachable appearance; the perfect balance! 

On top of that, We Are Hype were always reachable, super efficient, solution-oriented and just absolutely friendly. It truly felt like working with a companion on our side! The Q-ABC team will forever be thankful for We Are Hype stepping up to celebrate queer visibility and art. In our opinion, there should be no doubt who to call when you are in search of Website Design and more: WeAreHype!”

– Sev, Gian and Ivan

*Some art featured on this website has been rated mature. 

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