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Elite Bistros are a group of bistros in the North West of England owned by Gary Usher

They pride themselves on offering quality food in exceptional restaurants and are an up and coming brand in the hospitality sector.

We were initially introduced to Elite Bistros through our support of the Wreckfish crowdfunding campaign, the fourth bistro in the six strong group.

This ambitious brand has grown from a single bistro, Sticky Walnut in Chester, to a culinary power house in the last two years, and the brands legendary success shows no signs of slowing down.

Following the success of the crowdfunding campaign, we were tasked with designing and delivering websites for each of the bistros, whilst at the same time, working with the group to establish the Elite Bistros brand online.

Each of the bistro websites were designed to complement each other, providing a single and consistent user experience.

This design was deliberate, mimicking the familiarity of each of the bistros in the Elite family. Each website also directly links to its sister sites, promoting the group as a whole.

To further promote the group, a parent website was developed for Elite Bistros, showcasing all the bistros and the unique stories behind each of their openings.

The site is the digital hub of all Elite news, allowing exciting developments in the brand story to be featured in one place.

Having seen record-breaking Kickstarter success, we also worked with Elite Bistros to produce pledge walls for Wreckfish, Pinion and Kala. Each wall features a unique design that relates to the specific bistro and features the names of all those who pledged. Each can be seen as featured pieces within the bistros, with Pinion also featuring a digital name finder online.

Wreckfish Pledge Wall 2017.

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0 Backers

Featured in Liverpool Echo

Pinion Pledge Wall 2018.

KALA Pledge Wall 2019.

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We are continuing to work with Elite Bistros to support with design and marketing of the individual bistros and the group as a whole.

Watch this space for further developments in the Elite Bistros brand.

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