Cucina Di Vincenzo

Website Design  |  Content Creation
Website Design  |  Content Creation

Cucina Di Vincenzo is an award-winning restaurant in Childwall serving classic Italian food, lovingly crafted by the Margiotta family. Family and quality are key components of the brand, with the restaurant specialising in local, sustainable produce from Liverpool and Italy. With deep roots in Italian culture, the team behind Cucina Di Vincenzo believe that eating out is a celebration of people coming together. It’s family time, and it’s a time where memories are created.

We developed a site that confidently showcases all that Cucina Di Vincenzo has to offer. Clean and minimal design allows the exquisite dishes to speak for themselves. Integration of high-quality photo and video invite customers to get a taste of the Cucina Di Vincenzo experience before they dine, and the about section allows customers to learn more about the Margiotta story.

Creating a seamless user experience heavily influenced how we structured the site. Call to actions feature throughout the site allowing customers to easily book, enquire and find key information. Interactive menus were integrated into the desktop version of the site, whereas PDF menus were developed for mobile, allowing for optimal viewing on a smaller screen and the ability to download and share with friends.

We are continuing to work with
Cucina Di Vincenzo to support their ongoing digital marketing strategy.

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